These are DARK TIMES. The CLONE WARS are sixteen years in the past and the BATTLE OF YAVIN is still three years in the future. The core of the galaxy is under the strict control of the GALACTIC EMPIRE and the SENATE is the only obstacle between the EMPEROR and unlimited power.

It is only at the EDGE OF THE EMPIRE that some semblance of freedom remains, but it is a dangerous brand of freedom. There, scoundrels and smugglers, bounty hunters and bandits, explorers and exile all scramble for a living.

In those dark days, four strangers converge on the mining hub of Jor-Carida to claim their inheritance: the GALLEROS cantina. The previous owner of the cantina, KARTH FELL, died in obscure circumstances, but the establishment is well-known in the sector as one of the best hive of scum and villainy one can find…

A Hive of Scum and Villainy

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